Anne Ganguzza Voice Services

First line of business - offers the services you need to help elevate your business!  Your telephone system is an essential part of your business and is often your first line of contact with potential and existing customers.  Your commercial messaging starts with your phone system and includes custom auto attendant greetings, voice mail greetings and Message-On Hold.   If your messaging system is optimized, your phone can be one of the most cost effective marketing tools around!    Your goal should be to engage and entice new customers to stay on the line  and motivate your existing customers to respond to a call to action and/or purchase more!

Services Offered but not limited to:

  • Script writing
  • Auto Attendant Greetings
  • IVR Prompts
  • Voice mail Greetings
  • Voice mail Announcements
  • Message On Hold
  • Licensed Music
  • and more!

Professional Voice Anne Ganguzza

On Site Professional Recording Studio Service:

With the convenience of  a state of the art on- site professional recording studio, Anne has the ability to deliver (most) voice-over work within 24 hours to anywhere!  Anne’s on-site studio, a custom built isolation booth, houses quality production equipment, assuring you quality audio every time at an affordable price!

If your Telephony project requires in-house recording,  Anne is available to travel to your destination.  Depending on your Telephone system, provisions may be made for  remote call-in recording.

Licensed Music

A note about Copyright:  Playing the radio for your callers waiting on hold is in violation of U.S. Copyright Laws. U.S. Copyright Law considers playing the radio on hold a “re-broadcast”, thus subject to music licensing fees owed to ASCAP, BMI and other music ownership groups. ASCAP and BMI actively seek out businesses playing the radio on hold. Heavy judgements have been levied against business owners for illegal use.

Copyright infringement also includes playing music CD’s or tapes on hold. U.S. Copyright Law considers playing music CD’s or tapes on hold as a “public performance” and subject to the same copyright infringements as playing a radio on hold. uses only licensed music in their audio production.  

Star Quality Customer Service:

Every customer is given the star treatment!  Anne is committed to giving you her very best for your project. Let’s talk about how she can help you to elevate your business to new heights! Request more information today!