About Anne Ganguzza Voice Talent: Telephony | IVR | On Hold Greetings, Orange County CA

About Anne Ganguzza Voice Talent: Telephony, IVR , and On Hold Greetings in Orange County CA

With over 12 years of Telephony and IVR voicing experience, as well as over 17 years of technical call center customer service experience for a large scale Internet provider, Anne Ganguzza knows how to talk.  She also knows how to help you build strong customer relationships and trust with a purposely crafted professional greeting.  She knows that by keeping your customers on the line with an engaging and informative messaging dialog, there is more of an opportunity to invite them to take action and, ultimately,  do more business with you.

A full time professional voice actor, coach, and producer located in Orange County, CA, Anne has an enthusiastic, energetic, and fun personality. Her voice is described as professional, believable, warm,  and friendly. Her voiceover experience includes  Telephone voice mail, IVR, and on hold greetings, voices for corporate and industrial narrations, e-learning and online learning tutorials,  commercials, infomercials,  Live Theater Broadcasts, Audio Books,  Government/Educational promotional videos and advertising, and audio college courses for the Blind and Dyslexic. She has many years experience in public speaking and corporate and educational training, and is an exceptionally clear and concise technical speaker – able to make your difficult scripts easy to understand!

About Anne Ganguzza Voice TalentHer career in voiceover started in the late 90’s when she worked as an IT project manager for a large scale Internet provider installing VOIP systems for customers.  Once a typical install was completed, she would meet with the client to assess their company Auto Attendant, Voice mail and On Hold requirements.    Custom scripts would then be created, along with a documented phone tree for each department.  When the time came for recording the scripts, even though the option was given to the customer, Anne was always the one selected.  It became her favorite part of the job. :)

Today, in addition to being a full time voice over talent and producer, Anne coaches and teaches workshops and voice over classes in Orange County, CA.  As a voiceover talent she offers a wide range of services, ranging from voicemail and IVR/on-hold recordings to corporate narration and e-learning, commercial promos, and audio books.  She is passionate about her craft and would be thrilled to be the voice of your business!   Contact Anne today to discuss your Business needs!

Anne is represented by DeSanti Talent Agency, AB2 Talent, Carolina Talent, Umberger Agency
San Diego/Orange County Representation by Artist Management Agency